Peninsula Vet offers the highest standard of veterinary care to ensure you and your pet has a long, healthy and happy life together.

Being part of the TAH Animal Hospital group, we have access to a network of treatment options, from veterinary specialists, 24-hour care at our specialist centres, a blood lab and a blood bank. At Peninsula Vet we offer a full veterinary service, medicine, surgery, dentistry, an in-house laboratory, physical rehabilitation, X-rays, ultrasound, sterilisations and microchipping for your pet.

We also have a fully stocked vetshop with premium pet food brands, treats, tick and flea products, fashion accessories and toys.


During a consultation, the caring veterinarian will discuss concerns you might have or health issues that your pet might be experiencing. He or she will explain in detail how your pet can be treated and might administer basic veterinary treatment in one of our three consultation rooms.


Vaccinations are one of the most important preventative measures you can take to protect your pet from viral and bacterial diseases. Our vaccinations include a series of puppy- and kitten vaccinations, as well as annual vaccinations and vaccinations against serious diseases like rabies and kennel cough.


Taking care of your pet’s teeth – by brushing your pet’s teeth regularly and by taking your pet to the vet for an annual scale and polish – is as important as looking after your own. Without proper dental care your pet is at risk of tooth loss, abscesses, and serious bacterial infections that can affect their health.


Besides vaccinations and consultations, our veterinarians also perform routine surgeries in our practice, like spays, neuters and more. For illnesses or injuries that involve complex and advanced surgical procedures or after-hour care, we refer clients to a relevant veterinarian specialist at our CAMC sister branch.


We have an in-house laboratory to analyse samples of blood, faeces and urine of pets for possible illnesses or problems. Having this service in-house results in quicker results which could save the life of your pet which you care about so deeply.


Peninsula Vet has made physical rehabilitation part of their patients’ recoveries, where needed. Our rehabilitation section includes an underwater treadmill, which will enable your pet to engage in active movements with much more comfort.

Our rehab is run by Animal Physical Rehab (APR).


Ultrasonography is the second most commonly used imaging format in our veterinary practice. We use ultrasound to take biopsies of diseased tissue to determine an illness.


We have X-ray/radiograph facilities at Peninsula Vet, which enable us to diagnose disease in the chest, abdomen and musculoskeletal system of the pet. 


The Peninsula Vet Weight Management Programme helps pet owners to get their pets’ weight to a healthy level.