The staff at Peninsula Vet:

Front: Eric Mvenya.
2nd Row: Passos Faria da Silva, Catherine Nel, Moses Skosana.
3rd Row: Gift, Osvaldo, Shirley Kings, Carol Zeelie, Dr Melissa Oettlé, Debbie Mocke.
Far back: Susan Ward, Dr Robert Campbell, Dr Chris Clegg.


Our Vets


Dr Chris Clegg

Dr Chris Clegg enjoys a variety of veterinary science, particularly medical workups, interaction with clients and cancer management. He spends most of his time working and helping his wife bringing up their kids, a daughter and son. Dr Chris enjoys hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking and gardening especially trying to grow his own food and being out in beautiful surroundings. Dr Chris tries his hand at woodwork on odd occasions and loves making bread. He is not only the proud owner of a chocolate Burmese cat but also looks after millions of worms in his worm farm.


Dr Robert Campbell

Dr Robert Campbell is a family man who often spends time with his wife, one daughter, two stepchildren and two step-grandchildren. His hobbies include photography and travelling, especially when it involves driving.


Dr Melissa Oettlé

Dr Melissa Oettlé is an active lady who loves spending time outdoors – either surfing or rock climbing. She loves reading, especially fantasy books and she shares her home with a blind rescue dog that follows her around, like Snowy from Tintin.


Dr Jaid Limbert

Dr Jaid Limbert hails from the Eastern Cape, studied at Onderstepoort, did her community service in East London and gained work experience in London before joining the great team at Peninsula Vet. She loves the outdoors, especially if it involves long walks on the beach. Dr Jaid is married to a veterinarian and they share their home with a Siberian Forest Cat.